A bamboo with hundred peices

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A bamboo with hundred peices

A bamboo with hundred peices

In the old days, there was an old man from the country with a beautiful girl. In the house to hire a servant boy, he wanted to take advantage of it to work from paying, just told him: "You worked hard with me, then I married a daughter." People who live very happy, work hard until late at night without much fatigue. It has been in service for three years, and his house is getting rich every day.

The rich man no longer thought of the old promise, bringing his daughter to marry another rich man in the village.

The morning was about to bring the strawberry, the boss called the child up and tricked him again, saying: "Now you go to the forest to find a bamboo tree with hundreds of burns and bring it here as a wedding chopsticks, I will let you marry me. My girl now ”.

The one in real life, carrying a knife to the forest. It searched everywhere, forest after forest, could not find anywhere with enough bamboo trees. So sad, he sat in one place, hugging his face and crying. Suddenly there was an old man with a beard, silver hair, and a bamboo stick in his hand and said to him: "Why are you crying, tell me, I will help". He then brought the story of the rich man promised to marry his daughter and told it. The old man listened to it and said: "You have to go down and count hundreds of bamboo stings and bring them here.

It did exactly as instructed, he taught him to read: "Carve in, engrave" (right in, right in) three times, then a hundred pieces of bamboo naturally stick together to form a young tree for a hundred burning. It was so happy, intending to carry it home, but the bamboo tree was too long and could not go. The old man told him to read: "Khac Khac, engraved" (right out, right out) exactly three times, the hundred-burning bamboo left immediately after each piece.

It was bundled up and carried home. Arriving at the place where the two of them were having a happy meal, it was about time to pick up the strawberry, or did he or she trick him into marrying a girl. He did not say anything, waited for the groom's family to set the wedding firecrackers, then brought a hundred pieces of bamboo lined up on the ground, then muttered to read: "Carved import, carved in" to form a hundred-burned bamboo, then called the boss Come and tell me they found it, and ask her to marry her. The owner was surprised to pick up the bamboo tree to see, it read: "Carved import, engraved", he was immediately attached to the bamboo, unable to remove it. He came to see that, he tried to remove it, and he read: "Carved in, engraved", even he was also attached, could not pull out.

No one dares to go near it anymore when they see that. The other two men no longer knew how to beg it to let go. The boss promised to marry his daughter, the family master asked to go home immediately, he let both of them swear for a while and then he read: "Khac Khac, Khat Xu", the two men left the bamboo, and the bamboo also left. a hundred pieces.

Everyone was terrified of the living child, the owner hurriedly married his daughter, and since then did not dare to despise her.

November, 11 2020
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