How can you should prepare for development in English House?

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How and what you should prepare for development with BPEH corperation

How and what you should prepare for development with BPEH corperation

What, How can you should prepare? What you should you prepare?

The keys for developing your teaching career in BPEH Groups:

1. Why:

- How deep far and wide your relation with your kids, and your parents is how much you can help your kids improving english skill. It is easier for you to develop more students in your class. 

- In Viet Nam, each parents have their many relations,

- You make enough good energy for your relations

- Their kids are better, the parents are more thankful and proud of them

- Our tools with nowaday technology for kids, The image of BHEP will be widely delevered to puplic.

2. What you should prepare for good relation:

- Firstly, You should remember your kids: Picture, English Name, Character, Parent, English Level,

- You should prepare your online library to help kids: English chanel, Singing, Cartoon, Movie, Learnig Youtube, or MP3 for each level . You share and see how children 

- More you can talk, share, interact with parents is better development change for both

3. Clear Goal of learning for Kids:

- High Campbirdge, Ielts score, Speaking english Fluently: You are more confident to talk with parents about this goal the you can really make parents to believe and trust you

- If you have longterm plan, good result, bright future for kids, and you consistant to talk, to share with parents and kids, they will have good longtern plan with you.

It is only my ideas and I know you can give more bright detail for us. Step by step we can build longtern and good bussiness in VietNam. And we can act as soon as posible. I need a stable and strong corperation with you

"Our good future is being built by our energy today "





October, 19 2020
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