If you are looking for development in Viet Nam

Thanh toán với mã ưu đãi

If you are looking for development in Viet Nam

If you are looking for development in Viet Nam

Welcome to VietNam !

Dear foreign teacher!


If you are English teacher, it is very lovely career, but you can not be a teacher forever...

Your salary is still 1000-2000 usd / month you can not build your long term good living standard for darlings and kids 

If you want to build bussiness in Viet Nam

If you need to develops career in Viet Nam.

If you want get higher and higher income in Vietnam.

If you are looking really opotunities in Vietnam, 


I can share you my strategy ( Success bussiness with your 0 starting)

  • I can full fill 200 Students with new English House in 3 months: You can join me as consistant teacher, with online and offline class, we have Manager software. I will share, train and equip you all skill & tool needed for this starting. In starting time you can earn from 500-1500 usd per month. 
  • When you finish the first goal above ( about 3 -4 months): You can become manager in new Center : your earn from 2000- 5000 usd
  • If I and you corperate to open the third. You can become my share holder in, Your earning adding more 2000 usd for each English House 

I am really hardworking and have more 3 brandname, 6 success center.

I have bussiness key in VietNam for longtern and stable development.


If you want to develop bussiness in Viet Nam....

If you love my way,


just call me!

My phone/ zalo: 0389066666

October, 13 2020
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