Manage the time

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Manage the time and energy

Manage the time and energy

I always feel about lack of time, I spend time for doing my bussiness, spend time for custumer, spend time for my children, for my self. But I always feel missing time, missing some works, missing children

Why, I must think the root of it,

I now always vegeterian. And I focus, I am so quick, but I still losing my time, I still can not control my time my all energy, 

It is coming colder and colder, the wealther change, And we should focus on energy to develop our children, our bussiness

We should spend more time for working, concentrate on basic value, forever living, I must be stable, and work, and share this value to parents, family, and our children,

What is the first priorty?

Focus on target, forcus on energy to encourage children and parent go on, and on.

Focus on energy to develop teacher and staff to go on

Focus until archiving target.

All day I send my message to parents, all time, like Donald Trump, He is talent, he is so quick, so strong, and so fast, he can work all time, all the days to encourage all the people fights, he don't affraid of any things, he can call, he can talk, he can chat, and tweets, his noble, and he can do without wordering, only the best things, he is so stronger and strongger

We should learn his ways to fight for future, we are quick talking, quick note, quick working, quick finishing our work, our mission

It is my new target, I must focus on , all day, until I get success


October, 29 2020
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