Tich Chu

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Tich Chu

Tich Chu

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tich Chu. Tich Chu's parents passed away early, Tich Chu stayed with her grandmother. Everyday, she has to work hard to earn money to feed Tich Chu. She also gives Tich Chu delicious food. At night when Tich Chu slept, she stayed up to fan. Seeing her injury to Xuzhou, someone told her:

- Grandma! Her heart injured Xich Chu higher than the sky, wider than the sea. Tich Chu will never forget her thanks when growing up.

But Tich Chu grew up and did not love her. She works very hard, and Tich Chu hangs out all day with his friends. Because of hard work and miserable eating and drinking, she fell ill. She had a fever but no one looked after. because Tich Chu is still busy playing with his friends. One afternoon, it was hot, the fever was high, she was so thirsty she called:

- Tich Chu, give me a drink. She is thirsty and dry!

She called once ... twice ... then three times ... but still did not see Tich Zhou reply. When Tich Chu got home, she found her transformed into a bird and flapped her wings into the sky. Tich Chu panicked too loudly:

- Grandma, where are you going? She stays with me. I will bring water for her. Grandma!

- Cuc ... cu ... cu! Cuc ... cu ... cu! It's slow to go away, dear. She was so thirsty, she could not bear it, she had to transform into a bird to fly to find water. Here you go! Grandma will not go home with me anymore!

Then the bird flapped its wings. Tich Chu hastily ran after her, just aiming in the direction the bird flew. At last Tich Chu met a bird drinking from a cool stream. Zhou Chu calls:

- Grandma! Go back to me. I'll go get her water. I will help you. I won't make her sad anymore!

- Cuc ... cu ... cu, it's too late, dear! You can't come back anymore!

Hearing the bird's voice, Tich Chu burst into tears. Tich Chu loves her and regrets her very much. In the middle of that moment a Mrs. Tien appeared. Ms. Tien Bao Tich Chu:

- Tich Chu! If I want to let my grandmother return to being a human, I have to go get water from Tien spring for my grandmother to drink. The road to Tien stream is very far, can I go?

Tich Chu boy was extremely happy, hurriedly asked for directions to Tien stream, then without a minute of hesitation, Tich Chu left enthusiastically. Tich Chu ran forever, ran through many dangerous mountains and forests, finally, Tich Chu reached the fairy stream. He hastily filled the water bottle and brought it back to her. Arriving at Tich Chu's house, shouted:

- Grandma! Grandma! I brought her water back here. Quickly drink it.

As soon as she drank the water, Ms. Tich Chu became a human again. Tich Chu hugged her while crying while saying:

- Grandma! I know my fault, from now on I will always be by my side and take care of her.

Since then, the boy Tich Chu lovingly took care of her. Two grandchildren together happily together.

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November, 12 2020
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